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Cindy Myers, Animal Intuitive, Discusses Her June and July Webinars


Dear Polly, I’ll be hosting my next Animals and Emotions webinar next Wednesday, June 19th at 6 PM PST

Learn How to Comfort Your Pet During Stressful Events – Including 4th of July Fireworks!

Do you have pets or animals where you: Wonder how are they feeling – physically and emotionally? Wonder what are they thinking? Want a deeper understanding of the reasons they are showing pain, fear, and distress?

Do you ever feel like: You are worried that they are not happy in your home? You did do something wrong? You don’t know how to help your pets?

What if you could: Learn to communicate better with your animal… Understand their needs and what they want in case of pain or illness… Understand their behavior & moods and what they are actually telling you…

Well – You Can! Learn how to create a deeper relationship with your pet and create a true ‘bond’. Learn how to enjoy their personalities so you can share your lives better, together! Register Now – It’s FREE! In this webinar: I’ll be sharing tips on how to help your pets to cope with stressful events, especially fireworks! We’ll go over techniques you can use to help animals better manage their emotions during the booms, explosions, and thunder of fireworks.

This is a free webinar! Register HERE to join me. If you have any questions, please drop me an email.

I love to listen! The Happy Listener, Cindy

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