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Our Story

Join the founding members of Bark & Wag along this journey celebrating community spirit and the boundless love of four legged friends everywhere.

Bark & Wag team

Founded in 2000 in the Midwest, Bark & Wag® was created with the loyal help of two incredible product testers, Lilly, a Golden Retriever and her sidekick, Wrigley, a Black Labrador. Lilly and Wrigley happily tested pet products with abandon, allowing us to deliver the best possible pet merchandise for consumers. Fast-forward 15 years, Bark & Wag is back and better than ever! With the help of my two energetic girls and my commitment to operating my own business, we have something for everyone interested in an active lifestyle for themselves and their loveable furry friends.

At Bark & Wag, we understand your number one cheerleader in life is your four-legged family member. In honor of our supportive pets, we are working hard to give back to schools and animal rescues with a donation from our company with each Bark & Wag purchase.

Bark & Wag specializes in custom collars, scrunchies, clothing & accessories celebrating sports enthused pooches and their families across the USA.

Thank you for being part of the Bark & Wag journey!

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