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How CBD Has Helped Pets Overcome Anxiety, Physical Issues and More

POSTED ON NOVEMBER 4, 2019 By Taylor Sienkiewicz

In Bark & Wag’s article, What is CBD for Pets?, we explained how Bark & Wag CBD affects pets and aids them with various physical and mental issues. Today, we will share the pet owner’s stories of how Bark & Wag CBD has helped their pets. Martha ReQua, a relative of Bark & Wag founder Polly ReQua, has a senior dog named Rigby that she adopted three years ago.“When I got her she had severe anxiety. She was terrorized by storms, would not sleep at night because she had been kept in a dark basement in a crate each night for 5 years, and several other problems,” Martha wrote. Martha explained that the doctors at the rescue group had her on heavy doses of pharmaceutical medications.“Besides the anxiety, she is a great dog. Rigby loves people, good on a leash, loves to walk and be outdoors, not aggressive, but scared,” Martha wrote.

A year ago, Rigby began to hallucinate due to the excessive amount of medication she was on. Martha said she was climbing over furniture, knocking over plants, and trying to escape Martha’s home. Martha decided she needed to stop giving Rigby the medication and instead introduce CBD oil. She started Rigby on 500mg of CBD oil along with up to two of the medications Rigby was already on, then slowly weaned her off the medication.

Now, Rigby only is administered CBD oil. Martha said she has increased the milligrams of CBD she gives to Rigby but has decreased the dropper dosage. Martha was originally buying CBD online from various vendors, but when she came across the Bark & Wag CBD oil for pets, she was pleased with the purity standards the company provides. Martha has been giving Rigby Bark & Wag’s CBD oil for over a year now.

“I give it to Rigby when I feel she is becoming stressed, such as when a storm is coming or we are going on a car ride. I have noticed it has also helped her arthritis and activity level. For a 14-year-old Golden, she still loves to walk 2-3 miles each day and often gets so excited just to be out having fun that she runs around in circles and then runs up to me for a tummy rub,” Martha wrote. Martha said that Rigby had never before learned to play and be free outside, so it is a major character improvement that Rigby can now.

“I highly recommend Bark & Wag CBD oil to help any dog get through their anxiety problems and improve their general health. It seems to be working great,” Martha wrote. Dog owner Mike Ferrari also has a pet on CBD oil. Wesley, Mike’s dog has severe anxiety. Mike adopted Wesley as an older dog whom he describes as a wonderful dog but constantly anxious. “It’s not just when I’m gone, but also when I’m home and he starts hearing noises in the house. If the wind makes the doors creak, Wesley is in someone’s lap. It’s been so bad that he will try to crawl onto our chest and get as close as possible,” Mike wrote.

Mike also said that if the wind is strong enough to whistle through the windows and make doors move, Wesley is terrified and sits shaking in Mike’s lap.

Wesley after dosing Bark & Wag CBD

“No amount of encouragement helps him cope, but Polly’s Bark & Wag CBD helps. When I know the wind is picking up I’ll give Wesley a dose of CBD for dogs. If takes just a short while to work and then Wesley is mellow and remains calm for a few hours,” Mike wrote. Mike said that this is his first experience using CBD for pets and he is very impressed with the results. He said he truly believes that animals feel many of the same emotions people do, and people don’t realize the amount of relief an over-the-counter medication like CBD can provide for their pets.

“I’m so grateful for Polly’s interest in helping animals find relief,” Mike wrote. Mike has been administering CBD to Wesley for three months now and has seen only positive effects.“You know that smile dogs make when they’re riding in the car and they stick their head out the window? That’s the smile Wesley has then I give him CBD,” Mike wrote.

Aside from anxiety, Wesley suffers from the aches and pains that come with aging. Mike said he doesn’t move around like he used to when he would play with Mike. “On days where I can see that he doesn’t feel well I’ll give him some CBD drops with his food and I can see in his gait and demeanor that he feels better because of the medicine,” Mike wrote. Mike said he wishes he would have known about the positive effects of CBD long ago, as he would have given it to his St. Bernard who suffered from aching joints as well as his Black Lab who suffered from hip dysplasia. Mike knows CBD would have helped his other pets if he had known about the product, so he wants more people to know that CBD is an option for their pets’ needs.

“If you’re in doubt, try it. If you’re not sure, try it. If you think it costs too much, try it. You get what you pay for, and with this brand, it’s top-notch quality product,” Mike wrote.

Mike explained that the Bark & Wag CBD is very potent and truly has helped his dog. He encourages others to invest in quality products to help their pets overcome ailments. “You know how you always buy the nice brand of dish soap because it just cleans better than anything else? It’s the same for Bark & Wag CBD. You buy it because it just works better,” Mike wrote.

To hear more about the science and production behind Bark & Wag’s CBD for Pets, please listen to the Bark & Wag 15 minute Vet Talk podcast. Please like and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and iHeartRadio. Bark & Wag is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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