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Animals On CBD: Fred (Anna Zajler's Dog)

Old Fred’s moments

I would like to express the gratitude I have for the CBD products supplied to me thru Bark & Wag. Polly who sent me the oil in September 2020 for my dog Fred, a Belgian Shepherd was 13 1/2 years old. He had been healthy his whole life until late August when he had a severe anal gland infection and then a small fistula on the left side of his rectum.

He was treated with antibiotics and did well but he had still a difficulty. I had to start using an expensive cream to be applied to the area twice a day for the rest of his life. With this going on and his health deteriorating – like arthritis and the aging signs I got the CBD oil through Bark & Wag to help with inflammation and see if he would have a better quality of life. I truly believe this oil gave him a better quality of life – He appeared more lively and I could see him move a little better. He was given the oil daily for 4 months. It was an amazing difference. I saw the ease in his face- his coat was shinier and his overall mobility was better. His anal gland was never a problem since still was walking every day although he was slowing down. In December his hind right leg gave out and he did not walk anymore. This came on suddenly and it was devastating to see.

Fred lived a very vital life – he was active his whole life and I truly believe the last 4 months of his life were as good as they could be. I cannot think how he would have behaved without this oil! I am deeply grateful to Polly for supplying me with this oil. It helped him so very much.

My Fred started his eternal journey on Dec 6- 2020 I have been blessed with this amazing dog -Fred for 13 1/2 years. Thank you for your help and support -Polly and Bark & Wag

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