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Bark & Wag CBD for Pets

POSTED ON DECEMBER 1, 2019 By Taylor Sienkiewicz

You come home to your dog shaking under the bed out of fear of a strange noise that occurred while you have been gone for the day. You feel terribly for your pet, but what can you do? If you have ever had a pet who is anxious, stressed by minor triggers, or suffers from pain such as arthritis, you know you would try anything to take away your pet’s pain or fear.

There are so many proven health benefits of CBD use in humans, and growing research is now showing similar results in pets. Of course, pets of different sizes require different doses than adult humans, but with the right formula and research, any pet utilizes CBD to alleviate ailments such as seizures, nausea, stress and anxiety, arthritis, cancer symptoms, and much more.

Bark & Wag CBD for Pets is a CBD product that is specially formulated for pets. The product contains 0% THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and only administers the therapeutic hemp oil extract to pets. This ingredient, CBD, has been shown to help pets of all ages and sizes with both behavioral and physical ailments. Those who have used CBD themselves know how helpful the substance can be.

In fact, Polly ReQua, founder of Bark & Wag, saw firsthand the strength of CBD for pets through her dog, Chuck the Pug, who was able to use CBD to alleviate his cancer symptoms. After seeing such a drastic improvement in her sweet dog, Polly knew she could help many other pets and their owners by creating a completely pure form of CBD that is intended specifically for pets.

To create a product that would be the most effective and helpful for pets, Polly teamed up with a Bioengineer, Tim, who was contracted to create Bark & Wags CBD products. Tim has a background working with CBD products for humans but knew he could make a product that was more specific to pets and their needs. Bark & Wag sources the original hemp product Tim works with from a hemp grower in Boulder who supplies hemp that is organic, pesticide-free and free of heavy metals.

The Bark & Wag bioengineering team extracts the CBD from this pure hemp and then tests the CBD for purity. The new CBD product is tested for potency, heavy metals, bio-contaminants, pesticides, and solvent residuals to ensure that pets are not subject to any of these potential risks.

“The pets are actually very sensitive to a lot of unnatural substances, especially dogs. They are prone to some of the pesticides that are used so it is very important to check the product that you are using,” Tim explained in his interview for the Bark & Wag 15-minute Vet Talk podcast.

Once the CBD has been extracted, the product is made into dog treats that a dog would actually enjoy. How do we know that your pet will like its new treats? Bark & Wag has worked with a veterinarian to test flavors and CBD breakdown in products to make sure that pets will want to eat and will enjoy the treats. This is especially important for dogs, as dogs are very sensitive to foreign flavors and scents. Dogs also have a relatively low tolerance for THC compared to humans, which is why the products are completely stripped of THC Bark & Wag has worked with veterinarians to ensure proper dosage based on the pet’s size and has come up with four strengths of CBD for pets: 300 mg, 750 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg. This wide range of dosages allows you to tailor CBD dosage to your pet’s needs and size.

The CBD treats are even more beneficial than pure CBD would be, as the CBD is blended with cod liver oil or MCT oil, another health-promoting oil. To keep CBD in its pure form, it is extracted from the hemp plant using carbon dioxide, rather than alcohol or other potentially harmful chemicals.

Once the method of administering CBD to pets was created by Bark & Wag, Polly began to share her new holy grail of pet health. Martha ReQua, a relative of Polly, has a senior dog named Rigby that she adopted three years ago.

“When I got her she had severe anxiety. She was terrorized by storms, would not sleep at night because she had been kept in a dark basement in a crate each night for 5 years, and several other problems,” Martha wrote. Martha explained that the doctors at the rescue group had her on heavy doses of pharmaceutical medications. “Besides the anxiety, she is a great dog. Rigby is gentle, loves people, good on a leash, loves to walk and be outdoors, not aggressive, but scared,” Martha wrote.

A year ago, Rigby began to hallucinate due to the excessive amount of medication she was on. Martha said she was climbing over furniture, knocking over plants and trying to escape Martha’s home. Martha decided she needed to stop giving Rigby the medication and instead introduce Bark & Wag CBD oil. She started Rigby on 500mg of CBD oil along with up to two of the medications Rigby was already on, then slowly weaned her off the medication.

Now, Rigby only is administered Bark & Wag CBD oil. Martha said she has increased the milligrams of CBD she gives to Rigby but has decreased the dropper dosage. Martha was originally buying CBD online from various vendors, but when she came across the Bark & Wag CBD oil for pets, she was pleased with the purity standards the company provides. Martha has been giving Rigby Bark & Wag’s CBD oil for over a year now.

“I give it to Rigby when I feel she is becoming stressed, such as when a storm is coming or we are going on a car ride. I have noticed it has also helped her arthritis and activity level. For a 14-year-old Golden, she still loves to walk 2-3 miles each day and often gets so excited just to be out having fun that she runs around in circles and then runs up to me for a tummy rub,” Martha wrote.

Martha said that Rigby had never before learned to play and be free outside, so it is a major character improvement that Rigby is able to do so now. “I highly recommend Bark & Wag CBD oil to help any dog get through their anxiety problems and improve their general health. It seems to be working great,” Martha wrote.

Aside from Polly's relatives, now hundreds of pets and their owners have had dramatic improvements in their quality of life due to Bark & Wag CBD for pets. With so many amazing discoveries being found about what CBD can do for humans, imagine what is yet unknown that the substance can do for all animals. For now, we know that CBD can help a pet overcome fear that they may have developed due to trauma or past experiences as well as aid in physical ailments. There’s no need for your pet to suffer, Bark & Wag CBD for pets can help your pet recover quickly and naturally.

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